New Brunswick Tomorrow is committed to preparing the next generation of leaders who will sustain the city’s successful revitalization and will carry on the work already in process.

This kind of capacity building effort is critical to the process of community building that is at the forefront of NBT’s agenda. In 2002, as a first step in the implementation of this capacity building strategy, NBT engaged the Center for Strategic Urban Community Leadership at Rutgers University to develop a program focused on building the leadership capacity of individuals in the community that demonstrated an interest in assuming leadership roles. As a result, the John J. Heldrich Institue for Leadership Development was created. The program to reach this emerging pool of leaders was the program known as “Leadership Tomorrow.” To date, over 90 individuals have graduated from this program.

The outcome from this first step was the identification and cultivation of a cadre of emerging leaders that represents all sectors in the community. The program provided them with a process that included opportunities for increasing self-awareness, leadership development, strengthening professional skills, practicing important organizational and community skills and addressing their leadership potential roles in the larger community. In addition, their participation provided them with access to a network of individuals who, at various levels, are linked to the NBT community and now have an opportunity to engage and take on larger roles in their efforts for community building and development.

The second step in NBT’s capacity building strategy was to identify those Leadership Tomorrow graduates who remain committed to the city’s revitalization and are becoming influential forces in the larger community as leaders who want change and action. The program design for implementing this second step was the “Leadership Now!” program. A carefully selected group of Leadership Tomorrow graduates was invited to participate in a program that offered training at a higher intensity level and that focuses on utilizing their leadership capacity to build community.

For a list of our current leadership programs, please visit our Evaluation page.

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