The Health Task Force convenes a wide diversity of stakeholders who are committed to improving the health and well-being of New Brunswick residents.

The task force identifies, analyzes and develops solutions to some of the most complex health issues facing our residents. When appropriate, NBT seeks and leverages financial support to invest in solutions that have been vetted through its process that includes the community, the task force and the NBT Board of Directors.

Once the solution is ready, NBT prepares for implementation by working with the appropriate partner(s). NBT’s role is also to obtain and analyze program data to determine if the solution works. If it does, efforts are made to sustain and institutionalize the strategy within the community partner(s). If it does not, NBT and its partner(s) work to refine the strategy until the desired outcome is achieved. This process has been utilized successfully for over 35 years to build the community’s network of health programs that help families live a better quality of life.

A recent example of our work includes our leadership in the area of reversing the trend of childhood obesity. New Brunswick, as well as the nation, is searching for strategies that will reverse the trend of childhood obesity. A total of 39 percent of city residents report that they are dealing with weight problems. With the generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids – New Brunswick (NJPHK-NB) was formed to reverse the trend of childhood obesity in New Brunswick by 2015 by improving access to affordable healthy foods and beverages and increasing opportunities for physical activity in the community. The project is well underway and it is a collaborative effort co-directed by New Brunswick Tomorrow and the Raritan Valley YMCA, with the active participation of many New Brunswick community partners.


Featured Task Force Project

New Brunswick Ciclovia
The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy has released a report evaluating the effectiveness of New Brunswick Ciclovia. The Ciclovia is a free-form event that welcomes participants of all ages and abilities to enjoy free physical activity and recreation in a safe and inclusive environment. Ciclovias are designed to achieve a variety of objectives simultaneously by increasing physical activity, strengthening community engagement, encouraging active transportation, reducing environmental impacts, promoting public spaces and resources, and supporting local businesses.

The report found that the New Brunswick Ciclovia was an all around success and we invite you to learn more by downloading the report here.

Click here to learn more about New Brunswick Ciclovia

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