Parent Linking Program

One service provided by School Based Youth Services Program: New Brunswick Bridge, available only at the High School, is the Parent Linking Program (PLP). The goal of PLP is to have the student parent graduate high school, and delay a second pregnancy until after graduation. PLP is a partnership between the NJ Department of Children and Families, New Brunswick Board of Education, PRAB and NBT.

PLP engages pregnant and parenting students in New Brunswick high School in a variety of ways:

  • Individual counseling
  • Intensive case management
  • Parenting education courses
  • Parent-child interaction groups
  • Life skills training

In addition, up to 22 student parents have the opportunity to enroll their babies in the Parent Infant Care Center (PIC-C).

A free day care facility, located on site in New Brunswick High School, student parents can have their children cared for in a secure, loving environment, while they focus on their studies to eventually graduate high school.

Student parents who are enrolled in PIC-C are mandated to participate in many of the above listed activities, as well as take care of the center their child uses.

Key Issues

There are numerous studies that show the devastating effect teen pregnancy has, not only on the teen and the family attached to the pregnancy, but on the larger community as well. Unsupported, teen parents are less likely to succeed in life.

  • More than 50% of teen parents drop out of high school.
  • Teenage mothers are at greater risk of socioeconomic disadvantage throughout their lives than those who delay childbearing until their twenties.
  • Teens who become pregnant are less likely to attend college. Less than 2% of teen moms earn a degree by age 30.
  • Approx 25% of teen moms have a second baby within 24 months.

PLP works to engage and support these teens, to ensure their academic success and eventual graduation from high school.

Our Impact

  • 100% of student parents remained in school
  • 86% of student parents graduated from high school
  • 98% delayed having a second child until after graduation

Ways to Get Involved

If you’d like to support the Parent Linking Program, please donate to NBT in the 0 to 21 program area. Thank you for your support!


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