Healthy Halloween For New Brunswick Children

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – The snow didn’t stop the fun at the Parent Infant Care Center (PIC-C) daycare center at New Brunswick High School this Halloween. High school student-parents, their children and parents participated in a “Healthy Halloween” celebration, complete with healthy snacks, a pumpkin decorating contest, and a Halloween costume parade.

The party was generously sponsored by Wells Fargo and New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids-New Brunswick, a project committed to reversing the trend of childhood obesity. Fatimah Williams Castro, Partnership Coordinator, spoke to the bilingual group about keeping the holiday healthy.

“Our goal is to help create more opportunities for children and families to eat well and move more,” Ms. Castro said. “I’m ecstatic that the children loved the healthier options we served today like fresh fruit, pudding, applesauce, animal crackers and party mix.”

All the children went home with a pumpkin full of non-edible “treats.” Treats like jump ropes, bubbles and small squishy balls provide an alternative to sweets and encourage physical activity among the children.

The party was organized by Daycare Director, Barbara Thornton. “I think that everyone who participated had fun, and they also learned ways to incorporate healthy Halloween traditions into their family’s celebration.”

The Parent Infant Care Center (PIC-C) is a part of the School Based Youth Services Program, which is a partnership among the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, New Brunswick Tomorrow, New Brunswick Public Schools and the Puerto Rican Action Board. Student parents take part in educational and therapeutic groups in order to help them cope with the responsibilities of being young mothers and fathers, and receive help with maintaining grades, attendance rates, and behavioral issues.